Special Delivery

When this post will appear, i am not here. Away for a couple of days. Daddy isn’t around either… but i figured that he’d appreciate a small surprise… a special delivery. Miss you, Daddy… see you soon.

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Pool Party

The group of friends is having a great time. They have gathered for the afternoon, for an outdoor lunch, and beating the summer heat in and around the pool.  From across the table you smile at me, as you lift your glass and wink before taking a sip. The patio gives everyone enough shadow, and the slightest breeze occasionally lifts some of the heave summer afternoon heat. The children are playing and splashing in the water and we all engage in conversation. Playful and carefree. It’s a prefect mid summer afternoon.

After we finish our dessert, the adults go over to the pool as well. Some of the men jump in right away, most of the women make themselves comfortable on the recliners to talk some more. I’ve always loved being in the water because it makes me feel weightless and gracious so as i sit on the poolside, you lift me up and help me in the water.

we swim for a while and eventually you take me in your arms and tell me softly to turn on my back, and float on the water. You’ll be there to support me in case i’d sink. I do as you told and feel how you get between my legs, your hands under my bum for support, and I relax. With my head partially in the water, all sounds come from afar, and i enter a dreamy state.

I know that, with all the kids around, you would never do something inappropriate… but in my mind… the pool is ours, just you and me.., and by the time we’d be in the pool.. i wouldn’t be wearing my bathing suit.. but be all naked. and you would be between my legs… but not just to support me.. you’d be teasing me till even in the cool water i’d be so hot that i’d want to cry. With your fingers you’d get me so worked up that i’d beg you to take me right there and then… while we move to more shallow water, you tell me to put my arms around your neck and by the time you push me against the pool wall, you push yourself  into me with a single thrust and my scream echo against the walls. “You’re mine”  you grunt… and me…i’m not even able to answer that anymore.

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Assignment #1

Daddy gave me an assignment for today. Find a picture on the web that you feel looks like you and write about it.

That’s a tough one. I see lots of gorgeous people on the web, tall, short, thin, thick, white, black, purple, green but i don’t feel like any of them look like me. They all look like they are happy in their skins, with how they look. Even when i find a sad picture, there is beauty in it. Beauty that obviously i  never find in me when i look in the mirror. I am camera shy, to the level of being camera phobic. I panic and start hyperventilating when i find myself within reach of someone’s camera. When I need to hand someone one’s camera, my hands tremble, and what i would really want to do is to drop the damn thing and break it.

I avoid looking at myself. Only when i need to put up some make up, I use a mirror to paint on the face, but i’m detached when i do that. I do not associate that face with mine, nor do i associate my body with me. I think most people have a love/hate relationship with themselves and their bodies. I feel trapped in it. I would toss it away if i could… but.. i can’t. it’s the container i have to live with.

Long story short. I’ve been browsing the net for hours, and i have not found an image i’d want to use for Daddy’s assignment. Instead I found a picture that I think explains me fairly well. So yay for association. It feels like second choice, but apparently, that’s the story of my life. I just seem to never feel good enough, be good enough, be smart enough, pretty enough, sexy enough, present enough, quiet enough, demanding enough, giving enough… enough… never.

I am working on that, but the road to a healthier self  image and self esteem is long and bumpy. Bumpy to the point that I feel i just don’t have what it takes to heal myself and then, like today, i feel like the world’s biggest loser again. I don’t know, i’m just not in a good place today.

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Daddy’s Girl (part 3)

This is a continuation, read part 1 here and part 2 here

“Yes, Baby?” you sound amused “What is it that my girl want to ask?”  Embarrassed as always, when you make me say explicitly what i want, i blush and mumble “fuck me?” Playfully you flick against my left nipple and i hurry to add “fuck me, please?” You kiss me hard and at the same time you push 2 fingers up my pussy and tell me to ride them if i want to feel you inside. With a moan of frustration, this is NOT what i had in mind, i obey you, and roll my hips against your hand. Slow at first, but soon i don’t really care and take whatever space my restraint give me to feel your fingers as deep inside of me as possible.

Just when i feel i am getting close to coming, you take your fingers out and take a step back and look at me with a smile. You take off my blindfold and i blink, barely seeing you in the broad light of day. I open my mouth to say something but nothing comes out except another slightly frustrated moan. You smile again and kneel in front of me, kissing my clit softly and then taking my restraints away and telling me to get the earplugs out. “I’m taking you out on the town, Baby girl… so you better go take a shower and get dressed” You pull me up from the chair, turn me towards the door and with a light swat on my bum, you send me on my way.

While in the shower, i think of what i will put on for a night on the town. While we’re so Daddy/baby girl in our interactions, you do like your girl being the classy dark skinned woman she also is. I wash myself, enjoying the feeling of my hands on my skin, and briefly touch between my legs. I quiver and as if you know, you call me from the other room, saying “Getting clean does not involve messing yourself up first, this time around… quick shower, baby, we’re leaving in 20 minutes!”. I blush and quickly finish the shower.  I dry off and apply a light moisturising lotion on my skin, and a minimal amount of make up, just some mascara and a bit of lipgloss. I brush my hair and run my hand through it and put in beautiful silver hoop earrings that you gave me for my birthday.

In the bedroom, i see you have laid out clothes for me on the bed and i smile. I was right, you want the woman at your side tonight, not the girl. I chuckle when i realize you didn’t put any underwear out for me, and i am, for once, glad with my small yet firm breasts.I slip into the elegant burgundy dress and feel the fabric cling to my body. I fasten the black leather belt and put on the simple black heels  and with a last look in the mirror, I close the door to the bedroom and walk into the living room.

You turn around as you hear me enter the room and smile brightly “You look lovely, baby. Come here and kiss me”. I happily obey and blush as you quickly lift my skirt and feel my bare buttocks. “Good girl” you say, and as you let me out of your arms, you give me a beautifully wrapped box. Surprised i look up at you. Did i forget about a special date? “Open it, baby… don’t let me wait, we have a reservation”.  I unpack the box and open it and see a beautiful silver chain. I gasp… a silver leash, with a velvet burgundy wrist cuff. I look up at you and open my mouth to speak, but before i can, you put your finger on my lips and gesture me to hush. With a big smile you put the cuff on my left wrist and take the leash in your right hand. “Our taxi is waiting, love. Lets go” And like that, you lead me outside.

T o be continued.

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Your Arms

I want to crawl into your lap and snuggle up in your arms. Feel them around me, holding me, cradling and comforting me. Your strong arms and hands… restraining me when it pleases you, disciplining me when needed (or when you feel like it, either way), pushing me at times, but always protecting me and keeping me safe.

I want to crawl into your lap and wrap my arms around your neck. Shamelessly needing you. Nuzzling your neck, your faint but oh so familiar scent  making me feel right at home  in your lap and i relax on the regular beat of your heart.

I want to crawl into your lap and find myself entangled in our embrace. Your lips pressing on mine, your tongue pushing between my parted lips, taking my mouth, like i know you will take all of me when it’s time.

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I find this pic very alluring, and cute as well. She’s sucking his cock, like if she were sucking on her thumb in her sleep.  What a sweet moment

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Well…. without any doubt, Daddy knows why I love this photo… but to anyone else who stumbles upon this, I seriously think I like her feet best in this one. I kid you not, there is anticipation in them, stretching and flexing, wiggling her cute bum, begging for attention.. . Yep, I can definitely relate to this.

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